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Huaian Keyu Machinery Co. Ltd. is located in a great man of Zhou Enlai's hometown -- Jiangsu Huaian. Is the development and production of J series plunger metering pump, diaphragm metering pump, HJY series of complete sets of dosing device, filter and related water treatment equipment of the professional manufacturers.
The company combines design, manufacturing, sales, installation and service, good quality of products, all specifications and varieties.
The company's long-term commitment to petroleum, chemical, power, environmental protection equipment industry research, development and application. And persevere to implement the "quality is the enterprise life" business motto, set up the whole process of quality assurance system.


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Plenty of strong production strength inventory,ensure the delivery time

The company develops and produces metering pumps, dosing devices, water vapor sampling devices, filters and other water treatment equipment, through the ISO9001:2000 quality system certification, the implementation of standardized management


Strong team support,pre-sale,sale,sale,one-stop service

The company has a high-quality marketing team, the existing user performance of more than 1900 cases, the user is equipped with a number of lean after-sales service backbone, and actively for the user pre-sale, sale, sale, the whole process of technical advice and services




Sophisticated processing and testing equipment

Keyu attaches great importance to product quality, depending on the quality of life for the enterprise. The program of management in strict accordance with the requirements of ISO9001:2000 quality system, the continuous improvement of product quality.


Cooperation with customers,excellent beer

Family Yu will continue to innovate, develop the attitude of high-tech products to meet the needs of users; strict in demands, improve its services, high-grade products, among the international advanced level, love to return the majority of users.


Ensure timely delivery

7X24 hour service system, the company has independent division, coordination of various departments, fully meet the requirements of customers for short delivery, the first time for you to solve any problem, to protect the interests of customers.


Super first class performance price ratio 

All production processes are completed in their own workshop, refused to outsource two times, the source of direct supply, no agent / dealer, without any intermediate channels, to avoid excess circulation costs, to the greatest extent conducive to customers



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